paintings by Pat Boyer

April 18, 2003

By Edward J. Sozanski
Inquirer Art Critic

Orderly intuition. Pat Boyer composes abstract paintings from the intuitive gesture that one associates with the golden age of abstract expressionism. Working in acrylic on paper, she builds up dense layers of blobs, drips and crude drawings that look like impulsive doodles.

Although these elements are intrinsically raw and unrefined, the finished paintings look more programmed than one expects. Prominent banding and striping patterns contribute significantly to this effect.

The 11 new works on view at the Snyderman Gallery, ranging in size from about 2 feet square to more than 4 feet by 8½ feet, also pull together because Boyer works with a limited number of colors.

She relies mainly on white, black, gray, a putty color, and lots of red for contrast. One painting is made mostly of scarlet gestures.

Boyer's work appeals because she's usually able to create harmony out of a method that more often results in dissonance. Even graffiti-like scribbles find a comfortable role, which is odd, unexpected, and evidence of controlled exuberance.

Circle Drizzle

Snyderman Gallery, 303 Cherry St. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Through April 26. 215-238-9576 or

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